Keynote Speakers and Events

Dan Klein

Thursday, February 23rd | Keynote @ 11:30-1 PM

Harlan Cohen

Wednesday, February 22nd | Keynote @ 1:30-3 PM

Rob Zarrilli

Tuesday, February 21st | Keynote @ 2-3:30 PM

Makaila Nichols

@ 10 AM in Student Union Key West 218

Dr. Barbara Jenkins

Friday February 24th | Keynote @ 2-3:30 PM


Navigating Through a life of Poverty: An Interactive Simulation

Can you endure a month living in poverty? Find out by joining us for our event Navigating Through a Life of Poverty: An Interactive Simulation presented by Student Care Services and Northland Church. The event features an hour-long interactive activity simulating a month living in poverty. Attendees will play the role of a low income family and throughout the course of the simulation will have to navigate the available community resources to attempt to provide for their basic needs. Following the activity we will reflect on our experience and share some UCF and community resources that can assist individuals in need.

You must RSVP to attend the event, as there are limited spaces available. RSVPs will close on Sunday February 19th at 5pm. Event check in will begin at 6:45pm and last until 7pm please arrive during that time frame. Please note that this event is open to UCF students, faculty, staff, local community members, and faith based organizations staff. This event is also counts for LINK Loot points. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Todd Currie at or Aaron Leventhal at

*UCF’s Knights Helping Knights Pantry will be in attendance and we invite all attendees to bring an optional donation of toiletries to benefit the pantry. A list of examples of toiletries the pantry needs can be found on their website under the “Get Involved” tab.

**Off-Campus Attendee Parking: Please note if you are not a UCF student, faculty or staff member and you are attending this event please contact for information about parking.