Civic Engagement Scholars Track

The Civic Engagement Scholars Track is intended for students who are looking to increase their community involvement. Students will develop their leadership skills through curricular and co-curricular experiences, including Leadership Studies courses and zero credit hour independent study research classes, build connections with nonprofit agencies, and explore post-collegiate civic opportunities. This track aims to encourage true engagement in the community, and hopes to empower students to pursue their passions through civic engagement.

Students will choose one focus area:

Focus Area Short Description Track Requirement
Philanthropy This area is for students who wish to plan or participate in fundraising for specific national or local philanthropies such as Knight Thon, Relay for Life, American Cancer Society, Autism Speaks, United Way, etc. Assist with a fundraising project or commit to personally raising funds for a philanthropy. Independent study students will speak about their experience to the class.
Community Service This area is for students who wish to contribute by means of direct, hands-on service. Submit an entry to the Service Learning Showcase for consideration. Selected students will speak about their project to a panel of judges while presenting a poster that summarizes the service learning experience.
Long Term Commitment This area is for students who have a strong interest in a long term service commitment. Options include City Year, Teach for America, Peace Corps, Mission Trips, Doctors without Borders, Orlando Cares, etc. Attend the Year of Service Panel (details TBD) or another event approved by Track Coordinator in addition to the required Impact events. Students will research their chosen long term commitment agency and reflect on what they have learned in a 1:1 meeting with the Track Coordinator.
Creative Social Change This area is for students who wish to create their own non-profit organization and learn how to found a 501c3. Work with the Blackstone LaunchPad and/or UCF Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Independent study students will speak about their experience to the class.

Track Requirements*

  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA required
  • Enroll in LDR 2001, LDR 2002, LDR 2262 or independent study
  • Complete a minimum of 15 service hours* (required for all classes)
  • Attend Leadership Track Orientation
  • Attend at least 2 1:1 meetings with Civic Engagement Scholars Track Coordinator
  • Select 1 Focus Area and complete corresponding Track Requirement
  • Attend 2 Impact Events**
  • Attend Knights Give Back day of service (Fall only)
  • Attend Day and Knight of Service (Spring only)

* Each student will be required to complete a minimum of 15 service hours with identified agencies. Hours must be documented by an agency representative, and students must complete the Service Verification Form to receive credit. Students must try to perform service pertaining to one of the 8 social change areas:

  1. Youth Advocacy and Children Services
  2. Animal Issues
  3. Environmental Issues
  4. Gender Issues
  5. Homelessness and Hunger
  6. Spiritual Leadership
  7. Campus Leadership
  8. Social Justice and Human Rights

** Impact events in Spring must be chosen from Leadership Week or Civic Engagement Week programs.

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Coordinator: Mike McFadden

Phone 407-823-2223
Location Ferrell Commons, Room 165