Lead Out Loud

Lead Out Loud is an experiential program that focuses on the leadership development of Multicultural students at the University of Central Florida. Developed by the Office of LEAD Scholars Academy, this program promises to enhance leadership skills, strengthen life skills and encourage positional leadership in this population of students at UCF. These are essential learning outcomes for students who will not only be retained by the university, but will be able to serve as effective leaders on campus and in the community.

The purpose and spirit of the Lead Out Loud Program will empower students to succeed, embrace diversity, strengthen life skills, and develop purpose with the expectation these tenets will promote Multicultural students towards graduation. The following goals have been established as the foundation of the Lead Out Loud Program:

  • Motivate students to become involved in leadership opportunities at UCF, within the local community, and beyond.
  • Empower student leaders to reach their full potential; achieve their goals; and make a positive difference in shaping the UCF experience for themselves and others.
  • Provide student leaders with opportunities to reflect on how their leadership experiences have contributed to the development of their character and awareness of self.
  • Provide student leaders with opportunities to examine how their leadership skills can be translated into career possibilities.
  • Students will learn basic leadership skills and establish a strong leadership foundation that can be passed on to other students.

One of our highest goals is to create a legacy within this program that will empower students to become social change agents and continue the learning cycle by training their peers in leadership.

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