About Us

Vision Student Well-Being #1 Purpose

The primary vision for the area is to be the leader in developing intentional and comprehensive program that target specific groups, as well as provides campus-wide opportunities for students regardless of their class standing and/or level of involvement experience.


LEAD Scholars Academy provides comprehensive leadership education, development, and civic engagement opportunities for the UCF community. Through collaboration and partnerships, LEAD Scholars Academy will incorporate the UCF CREED to create professional, academic and experiential opportunities that challenge, empower, and educate students to become social change agents in a global society.


Programs and activities created and implemented by the staff from the four offices along with students, faculty, and other community partners will address both the short and long term developmental needs.

  • Assess leadership development on campus
  • Increase student engagement
  • Enhance curricular
  • Create and maintain community partnerships
  • Prepare students to be social change agents in a global society
  • Empower students to be active citizens
  • Cultivate campus partnerships


Programs will vary in duration from a one-day workshop to an extended program that may involve weeks or months. The focus is to provide a variety of programmatic options that recognize students have different needs, time constraints, and levels of interest.