Call for Programs

Leadership Week is an event coordinated by the LEAD Students Association and LEAD Scholars Academy. It is supported by the UCF Student Government Association and various offices and departments throughout the university. Leadership Week was created to identify, recognize, and develop leadership throughout UCF. It is a week of lectures, programs, events, and workshops intended to educate the campus community. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to attend all events.

What workshops and programs are needed?

The Leadership Week committee invites individuals and groups to creatively contribute their knowledge and experiences in leadership to the campus community during the events of the week.  The committee is looking for sessions that will challenge and inspire the campus community and showcase current leadership topics. Content should also focus on preparing individuals in the UCF community to be servant-leaders and act toward social change.

How do I submit a proposal?

Complete the program proposal form below and include a brief summary of your session (250 words max.) with a creative and meaningful title. Describe the session’s purpose, content, and relevance to the Leadership Week 2020 theme- “People, Purpse, & Passion: The Pathways to Success.” Please include a concise personal biography outlining your credentials, previous presentation experience, and any other relevant information you wish to include that can be used as an introduction and help us in evaluating your submission.

For more information please contact Germayne Graham or (407) 823-2223. All presenters will be notified within 2 weeks of the submission deadline.