LEAD Scholars Mentor Program

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The LEAD Scholars Mentor Program pairs students with a professional mentor from UCF or the Orlando community, while providing students with leadership education and development opportunities. Students are required to meet regularly with their mentor, in addition to attending scheduled leadership workshops and meetings with LEAD Scholars Academy staff. The program requires a one-year commitment, during which students will be encouraged to explore career opportunities and also have the option to participate in an academic leadership course.

How many students can participate?

The ideal program size is 10-15 students, with 1 cohort per year beginning in the fall semester.

Who can serve as a mentor?

  • UCF faculty, staff, graduate students, and administrators
  • UCF alumni (especially LEAD Scholars alumni)
  • Community and non-profit leaders

If you’re interested in serving as a mentor, email Mike at michael.mcfadden@ucf.edu.

Program Requirements for Mentees

  • OPTIONAL (3rd and 4th years): Enroll in Civic Engagement Scholars, Inspire, Lead Out Loud, or Global Leadership Track and complete all corresponding track requirements.
  • Attend 1 Impact Event per semester*
  • Attend 2 1:1 meetings with Mentor Program Coordinator per semester*
  • Attend a minimum of 3 meetings or phone calls with mentor per semester
  • Attend required leadership seminars:
    • 2 in Fall, 2 in Spring (dates TBA)
  • Action Planning and Goal Setting assignment
  • End of Program Final Reflection assignment
  • End of Program Networking Reception (Spring)

* Required for students who are not enrolled in a leadership track. Academic 2nd years will complete these events in addition to events required by LSA.

Mentor Requirements

  • Complete 1 check-in phone call with Coordinator per semester
  • Attend a minimum of 3 meetings or phone calls with mentee per semester
  • Attend the End of Program Networking Reception (Spring)
  • Be familiar with the needs and concerns of college students
  • Be accessible and willing to assist the mentee (via email, phone or text)
  • Serve as an academic and professional role model

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Coordinator: Mike McFadden

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