Inspire Women’s Leadership Program (created in Fall 2008) aims to provide leadership enhancement and empowerment opportunities for UCF women students. Through networking, mentoring, personal development, and experiential training, UCF women students will be prepared to hold various leadership positions on campus and in the work arena.

To apply for this program, please select the semester link below in which you wish to attend.

Spring 2021

The purpose of this zero-credit hour course is to explore the notion of social change and to challenge students to see themselves as agents of that change. Students will develop their understanding of leadership while also learning more about women and gender issues. This class encourages engagement in the community that will empower students to analyze issues related to women and gender. Students will also become aware of and develop their own leadership potential through group discussion and their semester research projects


By the end of this course through independent research, self-reflection and group discussions, students will be able to:


  • Work closely with GTA develop a semester-long research project
  • Understand the basic components of conducting a literature review
  • Identify an aspect of women’s and/or gender issues that they are most passionate about
  • Present the findings of their literature review during the last seminar session and in an end of semester paper.
  • Understand the history of women’s rights in America
  • Identify how their leadership skills can translate into their professional careers
  • Reflect on their community service experiences and relate it to course discussions
  • Analyze the leadership role in the change process
  • Have a basic understanding of the social change model of leadership
  • Have developed a sense of social awareness and an understanding of ethical dilemmas
  • Attempt to make a difference and take responsibility for significant issues in society.
  • Improve listening, leadership, networking, and followership skills


Program Requirements

  • Enroll in LDR Course:
    • LDR 2262 (1 cr, online)
      • 20 Hours of Service
      • Online Readings and Discussion Boards
    • LDR 3905 (0 cr, independent study)
      • 15 Hours of service
      • Biweekly seminars
      • Social Change Research Project
      • LEAD Scholars Social Change Showcase
    • Attend 2 Impact events
    • Attendance at program-specific events
    • Minimum 3.0 GPA to stay in program

To apply for this program, please select the semester link below in which you wish to attend.

Spring 2021


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