Latinx Leadership

The purpose of this program is to explore the notion of social change and to challenge students to see themselves as agents of that change. Students will develop their understanding of Latinx leadership through Juana Bordas’ book “The Power of Latino Leadership”, while also learning more about identity, history, and current issues within the Latinx community. This class encourages engagement in the community that will empower students to analyze issues related to the main topics of the course. Students will also become aware of and develop their own leadership potential through group discussion and their semester research projects.

Latinx Leadership is partially sponsored by HSI Initiatives and Partnerships and Amazon for fall 2022-spring 2023. U-LEAD is excited about this partnership to broaden the perspective of students studying Latinx Leadership.

 Student Well-Being #1 Purpose

Course Objectives

  • Work closely with the instructor to develop a semester-long research project.
  • Understand the basic components of conducting a literature review.
  • Explore current topics and trends in Latinx culture, history, and news and both identify and analyze a specific social issue through their social change research paper.
  • Present the findings of their literature review at the LEAD Scholars Social Change Showcase and in an end of semester paper.
  • Discuss Latinx leadership theory and research.
  • Students will learn the components of Latinx Leadership and learn how those concepts can be applied in their personal and professional leadership development.
  • Analyze some aspect of human experience of Latinx Leadership within a culture, focusing on at least one source of diversity (e.g., age, disability, ethnicity, gender, language, race, religion, sexual orientation, social class, or other).
  • Reflect on their community service experiences and relate it to course discussions.
  • Analyze the role of leadership in the change process.
  • Explore one’s own cultural norms or values of Latinx Leadership in relation to those of a different cultural group.
  • Understand the theories and processes of change in different contexts (organizations, communities, society, or political arena);
  • Have developed a sense of social awareness and an understanding of ethical dilemmas
  • Attempt to make a difference and take responsibility for significant issues in society.
  • Improve listening, leadership, networking, and followership skills


Program Requirements

  • Apply to the U-LEAD program at
  • Enroll in LDR Course:
    • LDR 2262 (1 cr, online)
      • 20 Hours of Service
      • Online Readings and Discussion Boards
    • LDR 3905 (0 cr, independent study)
      • 15 Hours of service
      • Biweekly seminars
      • Social Change Research Project
      • LEAD Scholars Social Change Showcase
    • Attend 2 Impact events
    • Attendance at program-specific events
    • Minimum 3.0 GPA to apply and remain in the program.

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