Welcome to the LEAD Scholars Academy at UCF. Our focus is to provide a variety of leadership development options that recognize students have different needs, time constraints, and levels of interest. Our programs give students various opportunities to learn more about themselves, develop new leadership skills, and become student leaders through programs and events, including campus-wide leadership workshops, leadership retreats, and leadership conferences.

In order to remain within the Covid 19 social distancing guideline, LEAD Scholars is employing a new queue management software from WaveTec.  Please choose from the following QR code options to see if the lounge is at capacity.  If the lounge is at capacity, you can request the next open space or put yourself in the queue in advance to reserve your space.  Simply scan the QR code or click the associated link and you will be taken to the queue management page for your contact information.



WhatsApp queuing is a fully integrated experience enabling the option to join a queue.
WhatsApp Queuing

Please download the WhatsApp app on your phone and then scan the QR code






Contactless virtual queue will allow you to reserve a space in advance and then wait safely in a virtual queue.

Virtual Ticketing

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